I adore the basketball sport. I absolutely love everything about it. Even if you don’t have a goal dribbling tricks are sometimes just as good. While playing basketball you do so many different ways you could be better than your opponent. It is a great physical activity that can give you skills to show off.

We had a small basketball court growing up. Something we could play on as we grew up. My brother and I would always play 1 on 1 to see who was the best. My brother was about 2 feet taller than be so he would win most of the time. I remember him having a bad temper with the game. If he got to angry and quit I would always count it as a win.


I never was a little dribbler and playing basketball when I was younger wasn’t much. I plaid when ever I was in the 5th grade for one year. Apparently I didn’t do so well because my parents wouldn’t allow me to try out for the next year. As time went on I continued to play some basketball around my home. I got rather good at the game.


It seemed that on the court I practiced on at least I couldn’t be beaten. Many people tried but they where all amateurs anyways. I wish I could go back sometimes and try out for middle school basketball. I also could have worked a lot harder to improve my basketball skills. If I would have done that then maybe it would have been apart of my career today.


I’m my mind I had no shot at going to the nba or making a career out of basketball. Today I look back and realize I could have made it if I had the right mindset and practiced as much as I could. Although applying that same thing to a business today can produce results for this future.


Although I enjoy looking back on good memories I often forget about all I take advantage for today. I’ll always want more than what I have and that’s okay. I stop myself sometimes when ever I look back on the and remind myself of how far I have come. Thank you for reading if you want me to talk about anything specific contact me here.



Sometimes I find myself asking myself if family is as important as I was raised to believe. Now I can see the benefits but I can also see how we may not need family as much as we use to. Being its 2016 and it’s far less likely for us to die from so many minor injury and diseases. There are some uses family has that we may not have to have anymore.


In saying that however having your family there to help out in hard times is great and should never be taken lightly. Whenever life gets hard and, trust me it will. Your family will always be there to help you when you fall.

Although sometimes when they beg and plead for your help. You always know that they will be there to help you whenever you need it.

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Growing up I didn’t know the value that my family had. I realized as I got older that whenever I want to push ahead in life that your family will be there for support. Any of my craziest goals and dreams my family has always been there to support me. No matter how crazy they are.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been broken down on the side of the road and called one of my siblings to come pick me up. Even distant family would be willing to help. Family Is like no other relationship. I can name family members I haven’t talked to in years that I would still go out of my way to help out.

Why is that I wonder? Why would I be more willing to help out someone with the same last name as me as someone I had known for years? To me it doesn’t really make sense but, it’s how my family works. I guess I kinda like spending more time with my family.


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