Last Month’s Vacation To Spain

Last month was the second time I had stayed in a house over in Ciudad Real. It was very nice and large for a home in Spain. With a large two car garage and four bedrooms there was plently of room for my family and a friend to come with. I stayed for two weeks and the first week may have been the worst of all my vacations to Spain. I was stuck at the house without being able to go out and visit my favorite spots.

The best part about it was I knew exactly how to fix the problem that made me stuck at the house. Yet I had no tools and no equipment to do it with. The garage door to the nice two car garage was completley stuck and would not open for nothing. A couple hinges broke and caused the door to jam.

In the states I could call a 24 hour garage door company to come and fix it. In Spain however this wasn’t as common to have those company’s around. After calling the travel agency and telling them the issue they said it would be four days before I could use the car. For a problem I knew how to fix!

I worked for this company for years and knew how to fix just about every problem there is with a garage door. I had all the skills with no tools and nothing to fix it. I could have bought another rental car but then I would have had to sacrifice nearly all of plans. I normally plan to relax in week two but this time it was week number one that I had all the relaxing done.