Why Ciudad Real?

It all started back in 1992 when my mother and father both had saved up for many years to go on a vacation in spain. I was a young boy at the time and of course road along with them. Being that I was an only child it was easy for them to take me.

Thinking about it now, if that vacation wasn’t as good as it was then I likely wouldn’t have the experiences I have today. I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth and was no way spoiled. My parents saved for years for this vacation and made sure that it was wonderful. We stayed in a cheap hotel and ate on as little money as possible. because of this we were able to go out and enjoy spain like it should be enjoyed.

I have always been sort of a family history buff and being that my father was actually from spain. My grandfather still lived in Ciudad Real and visiting him is always a blessing. He had so much information and stories to tell about that side of my family that every time I went I couldn’t stand to leave.

If you’re interested in visiting spain then this place may be right for you. I’m not rich nor poor but I can afford to make my annual trip to visit my family history and enjoy my childhood vacation spot. Check out this travel guide for more info.


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