It’s hot and Spain and I think a window tinting company may be my best bet for income

I’ve have doing some seriously thought on what I want to do for income over in Ciuda Real. I know that I’m not much for working for people as an employee.  I’ve owned many companies over the years and know that I want to take some of my skills over to Spain with me.

Although I have never started a window tinting company before I know the value and the money is there. In Spain many people drive and love their cars. I want to share this phenomenon with the people of Spain and show them the value. I haven’t paid a lot of attention while there but I know for sure on my next visit I will be.

I want to look at garage’s in the area to see if I can find a good fit for my new business. I bet if I look hard enough I can find a perfect spot and put a bid down to move their next year. Wish me luck!

If you know anything about window tinting in Spain then please contact me with any information.